At the recent Zigbee Alliance Member’s meeting in Vancouver, Exegin unveiled it jupiterMesh implementation, demonstrating the IPv6 mesh networking technology’s capabilities to support native HTTP, TCP and TLS protocols for networks that scale from Home Area Networking with 30-40 nodes to Field Area Networks with 7,500 nodes in a single DAG.

Exegin’s demo had jupiterMesh leaf nodes running on smaller Cortex-M4 processors with HTTP servers reacting to Cloud based HTTP requests to turn on and off LED lights associated the end node.

The key elements that was participants could scan a QR code with the HTTP based URL for the leaf node to goggle the LED.

To be specific there was no need for any specialized application code to support non-native CoAP or DTLS as is the case with Thread and DotDot, protocols that cell phones and the Cloud just don’t understand. All that was needed was an QR code reader with standard browser capability.

To provide broader context we also provided the video