Exegin with Wi-SUN and Zigbee –
Leading the market in Smart Grid Market innovation

Electric utility companies are facing critical challenges: decades-old infrastructure, unprecedented demand for power (especially during peak periods) and spiraling operational costs. At the same time, they are under intense pressure to improve reliability, lower consumer utility bills, and reduce environmental impact.

Consumers are also looking to proactively manage their energy costs and minimize their environmental footprint, even as they deploy a broad range of new appliances and devices into their homes.

New ‘Smart Grid’ technology addresses both of these challenges by networking power grids to communicate with household systems and appliances. Smart Grid applications enable consumers and energy providers to collaborate and schedule the use of high-load devices during off-peak hours and to reduce peak power demand.

Zigbee’s standards-based mesh networking technology has emerged as the leader in the Smart Energy Home market. Its low-cost, low-power wireless sensor technology is easily embedded in a wide range of systems and devices, such as smart meters, lighting, and HVAC. Inherently reliable and secure, Zigbee networks can scale to incorporate devices in the home.

Wi-SUN’s FAN 1.0 standard is the leading industrial grade IPv6 mesh protocol for Smart Utility applications. Catering to large network deployments covering ten’s of thousands of nodes.

The market for Smart Grid and power management continues to grow at an astonishing pace. The US market for Smart meters alone is estimated to exceed 250 million units, with similar market predictions for Europe and Asia.

Exegin is a leading software provider in the Smart Meter marketing, with its Zigbee software embedded in over 50 million smart meters to date and its Wi-SUN FAN implementation ramping up through pilots and initial deployments.